Cannabis Infused Drinks Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast to 2019 – 2029

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In a recent market study published by Fact.MR, the current and future prospects of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market are thoroughly analyzed. Further, the report includes an in-depth analysis of the various factors that are likely to control the growth trajectory of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market in the upcoming years.

In addition, a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the various market segments is enclosed in the report and accurately represented in the form of tables, graphs, and figures.

The report indicates that the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market is expected to register a CAGR growth of ~XX% over the forecast period and reach a value of ~US$XX. The report elaborates on the micro and macro-economic factors that are projected to influence the growth of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market in the upcoming years 2019 – 2029.

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Essential Findings of the Report

  • Factors that are likely to impede the growth of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market over the forecast period 2019 – 2029
  • Competition analysis that provides intricate details related to the business prospects of leading market players
  • Major trends influencing the dynamics of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market
  • Y-o-Y growth of each market segment
  • Pricing strategies of various market players in the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market

Important questions pertaining to the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market catered to in the report:

  • What is the projected revenue generated by some prominent market players in the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market?
  • What are the prospects of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market in region 1?
  • What is the scope for innovation in the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market?
  • How have government policies impacted the dynamics of the Cannabis Infused Drinks Market in various regions?
  • Which region has the highest concentration of tier 1 companies?

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Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape of the cannabis infused drinks market continues to face the turmoil of regulations on the sales and consumption of cannabis. Cannabis infused drinks market in Canada is expected to grow at an impressive pace, in line with the existing favorable federal regulations that back the sales of cannabis in the region. Alcohol industry giants are buying into the ‘potent potable pot’ concept, however key issues prevail, such as the maze of laws that deal with beer and pot. Following the legalization of marijuana in Canada, beverage companies have increased the production of cannabis infused drinks in different flavors to tap growing demand from enthusiasts.

Leveraging emerging technology and tracking trends in the mainstream beverage industries, to introduce innovative variants, is expected to remain the key strategy of manufacturers to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, growing consumer demand for cannabis that impart a particular effect is hard-pressing beverage companies to offer a wider variety of THC and CBD doses in their offerings. A greater emphasis on organic or natural ingredients is expected to mold prospects of the cannabis infused drinks market.

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global cannabis infused drinks market analysis

Cannabis Infused Drinks Market – Additional Insight

End-User Preference Remains High for CBD Cannabis Infused Drinks

The demand for CBD-based cannabis infused drinks is growing significantly among canna-curious novice users who want discreet, convenient, and controlled dose of cannabis. Although both THC and CBD cannabis infused drinks contain a plethora of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, the benefits of the latter and its non-psychoactive property continue to attract more enthusiasts. With a capacity to create a ‘high’ without any health risks that are associated with smoking is adding considerably to the sales of CBD-based cannabis infused drinks. This study estimates that gains from CBD cannabis infused drinks will continue to comparatively larger in the market.

Research Scope

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Cannabis Infused Drinks Market – Research Methodology

A realistic methodology along with holistic approach forms the foundation of the valuable insights mentioned in the cannabis infused drinks market. The Fact.MR report enumerates exhaustive information on the growth prospects of cannabis infused drinks sector along with captivating insights into the forecast analysis of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary research has been done to garner actionable insights into the forecast analysis of cannabis infused drinks market. The report on cannabis infused drinks market has also undergone cross-validation to ensure the delivery of authentic information to the market enthusiasts.

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